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On Love: Butterflies, Ice Cream, Titanic, and Taking The Plunge

22 February 2010 6 Comments

2010 is the self proclaimed “year of love” for Matt Cheuvront. Yes, that’s right – this is the end for me…I mean, it’s only the beginning to a lifetime of marriage with my beloved to-be-wife Lierin.

Love is a funny thing, isn’t it? You are never ever prepared for it when it hits you in the face on a mild August night at a party with NO booze (but plenty of ice cream sandwiches). That’s when it hit me – almost five years ago now – that fateful night when I THOUGHT I knew what love was, but then really started to learn what it was all about. And now, five years later, here I am, about to dedicate my life to the unconditional love and support of another human being. In retrospect, here are some of my personal thoughts on love and everything that comes with it.

Love makes you nervous

I remember my first date, or actually my second one (the first one didn’t count) – I was in the 6th grade and it was my second time seeing Titanic. The first time, I couldn’t muster up the courage to even go for the hand hold – the second, oh man, let me tell you, I had made my way all the way to the arm around and…yep, you guessed it, pop kiss. Fast forward to August of 2005 – my first date with my (now) fiancé to see The 40 Year Old Virgin and even then, at 19 years old, I still was nervous about going for the hand-hold. Not because I was totally…inexperienced…in that area, but because love is different. Love does that whole butterfly thing – love has you awkwardly yawning to put your arm around someone. Love takes things slow, and relishes in those awkward moments that take your breath away.

Love gives you confidence

Love may break you down – it may totally take you out of your comfort zone, but it also has a way of making you feel like you can do anything in the world – that you can accomplish anything and everything – that “I’m the man! Chest-bump, high-five” feeling. Ladies, don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about either. Love is the ultimate confidence boost – seriously. Every day I wake up next to a beautiful woman. Umm…+1 to confidence. When I write a less-than stellar blog post (yes, even I come out with a few duds from time to time) my fiancé still tells me she loves it = +1. Just having that awesome love-aura thing floating around makes you feel that much better about every single day.

Loves comes in many different forms

I may be 3 months out from the biggest day in my life (so far) – but that doesn’t mean that you should all go out and find your future spouse today. Love can come in many forms – and you can’t force it. If you don’t have that “romantic” love in your life right now – share your love with the world around you. Love your dog, love your family, love your friends – love IS all we need – without it, whatever “it” may mean to you – life just isn’t as sweet.

Your date is sitting right next to you, ready for you to reach out and grab their proverbial hand.

Will you do it?

Or are we going to have to sit through Titanic another three times? At least we get to see Kate Winslett’s boobs – AND it’s only PG-13! BAM!!!

All You Need Blogger: Matt Cheuvront

Matt Cheuvront is an Internet Marketing Developer, Social Media aficionado, and freelance web designer living in Chicago. Being the Master of Ceremonies over at Life Without Pants, Matt writes from a “no pants” perspective on life much less restricted. Want to see how far the rabbit hole goes? Check out his blog, visit his website, or reach out on Twitter today and say hello!

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6 Responses to “On Love: Butterflies, Ice Cream, Titanic, and Taking The Plunge”

  1. Lindsey says:

    Oh man, I could have a field day with a marriage post and how love changes…. but I’ll let you come to those conclusions on your own 🙂
    .-= Lindsey´s last blog ..All Greased Up =-.

  2. It’s awesome to peek into this corner of your personal life, Matt! I really enjoyed this.

    The hand hold is definitely my takeaway…because while that first hand-hold is charming and awkward in romantic love, it has those same characteristics in other kinds of love. Sometimes reaching out to whatever we love is initially awkward. And awesome. And still kinda awkward. And then it (hopefully) grows and changes.

    Also. Boobies! : D
    .-= Cali @caligater´s last blog ..A Vision of Your Own Horizon =-.

  3. After nearly 22 years together, I have learned that love moves, mold shapes and guides in many many ways. I made a Prezzi about it and put it on my blog:


  4. thanks for sharing this one!

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