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From Twitter love to client testimonials and everything in between, learn what people are saying about Ophelia’s Webb, Shattering Glass, and writer Elisa Doucette:

Elisa is a talented, thoughtful writer – but what really stood out for me from the moment I first read her work is her uncanny ability to “see” people. Elisa has a gift for weaving story, humor, depth and anecdote into her profiles. She has an strong, analytical mind that also helps her shed light on current events, promote brands and businesses she cares about, and build a strong community. – Jenny Blake (Author, Speaker & Yogi – Life After College)

I’ve never met anyone who gets it more than Elisa. I can trust that whatever high jump or hurdle I have in sight for my business, she is the one rock solid person that is as determined as I am to conquer it. She can quickly see how your business can get through the high jump and has a clear vision of what to do when you get there. – Melissa Mullen (Owner, Melissa Mullen Photography)

The way Elisa is able to profile others, in an extremely complimentary, yet honest and factual way, is a talent I have seen from very few others. When I was lucky enough to become a BlogCrush, I was shocked at the professionalism of the story, yet immensely humbled by all of the things she had to say. I think it is fair to say she is one of my favorite writers out there, and her writing ability is only overshadowed by her incredible personality. – Sean Ogle (Blogger, Speaker, Entrepreneur – Location180)

Having followed Elisa online now for quite some time, I continue to be amazed at the excitement in her life. In nearly every post, we’re taken on some kind of adventure. When Elisa writes about interesting and meaningful things, I’m reminded that those two adjectives should describe our passion – Sam Davidson (Keynote Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur – SamDavidson.net)

In the day where everyone ‘thinks’ they are a rockstar, Elisa truly is. Kind, humble and a all-around spark of life for everyone she encounters. Elisa has a way to get her point across to you without reaching over the top or making gross generalizations. She writes from real world experience and allows you to draw your own conclusions. Creativity flows from her blog and her columns — in both her writing style and witty personality — while remaining true to herself and her goals. – Ryan Knapp (Digital Strategist, Blogger, Competitive Endurance Runner – RyanJKnapp.com)

Elisa has become known as a writer who tells it like it is with her trademark wit and directness. She is also a savvy social media maven…who aspires to live – and write – her life as a “girl who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to pursue her desires”. She brings a sassy irreverence and a commitment to living life full of passion that is irresistibly engaging. – Lael Couper Jepson (Author & Owner, SheChanges)

Elisa’s command of the written word and her ability to bring words to life are a true gift. Her versatility and range of topics is unique in a space where so many people confine themselves to a particular niche. This skill coupled with her passionate approach and clear understanding of the way business and social media work make her a prime candidate for anyone looking for a thoughtful strategist capable of executing complex ideas. – Ryan Stephens (Marketing Coordinator & Strategist, Ryan Stephens Marketing)

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