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All You Need is Love Series (Volume III)

Third annual collection of essays and submissions detailing and exploring the complexities and beautiful simplicity of all things love.

This year we return to our roots with the All You Need Is Love Series (Volume III).

Not to mean that all the entries will be about pairing off. In fact, a majority submitted had nothing to do with romantic attachments.

Essays and images of All Things Love

All You Need (Volume III) Entries

Day 1 – All You Need is Love Series (Volume III) by Elisa Doucette
Day 2 – The Most Selfish Organ by Janet Brent
Day 3 – Sometimes I Think I Love You Too Much by Elise Stephens
Day 4 – The Condition of Love by Jennifer Winter
Day 5 – High School Is For Lovers by Lola Sizemore
Day 6 – Love Has Other Plans by Nailah Blades
Day 7 – Her Eyes by Jonathan Hoferle
Day 8 – How to Love Yourself (In a World That Doesn’t Want You To) by Sarah Goshman
Day 9 – Ode to the Secretly Sex-Crazed Computer Geeks by Dave Ursillo
Day 10 – Brutally Single On Valentine’s Day by Alexandra Munier
Day 11 – The Secret Behind The Game by Kristin Glenn
Day 12 – Someone Like You by Vanessa Gallo
Day 13 – On Wandering by Nate Damm
Day 14 – Putting In by Shannon Whitehead
Day 15 – Loving Through The Scars by Meghan Butler
Day 16 – Feeling Feelings by Rachel Flehinger
Day 17 – Love Is…Everything by Jennifer Broski

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Feeling inspired? Wanna write your own essay on love? If you post it to your site, please email me the link and I will get it posted here. All I ask is that you make sure to reference the series on your post!

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