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The Pas de Deux Love Series (Volume II)

Second annual collection of essays and submissions detailing and exploring the complexities and beautiful simplicity of all things love.

This year the Pas de Deux series will grace this site. Pas de Deux, for those unfamiliar, is a French dance (primarily ballet) term meaning “Dance of/for Two”.

Not to mean that all the entries will be about pairing off. In fact, a majority submitted had nothing to do with romantic attachments.

Love - Dance of Two

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Pas de Deux Entries

Intro – Pas de Deux Series by Elisa Doucette
Day 1 – Finding It by Noël Rozny
Day 2 – For The Love of Fried Chicken by Alexander Mandilow
Day 3 – Lover-Wife-Thing by Amanda Vickerson
Day 4 – Why You Should Open Yourself To Love by Travis Marsh
Day 5 – Bring Me Your Love by Christina Fields
Day 6 – In Good Time by Darryl Seamans
Day 7 – Balancing Out The Crazy by Steph Auteri
Day 8 – Love And The Side Door by Chris Guillebeau
Day 9 – Fighting for Love by Diana Antholis
Day 10 – In The Cards by Derek Shanahan
Day 11 – Loving Where You Come From by Sarah Kathleen Peck
Day 12 – Fifty-Five by Patrick Mullaney
Day 13 – No Matter What by Joel Runyon
Day 14 – Our Love Affair by Amy Doucette
Day 15 – Mad, Passionate, Extraordinary Love by Ashley Ambirge
Day 16 – Elevated by Eric LaForest
Day 17 – Is There Ever A Right Time For Love by Chelsea Latimer
Day 18 – Love and Optimism and All That Is Good in the World by Alan Perlman
Day 19 – Love à la Française by Lindsey Tramuta
Day 20 – About A Girl by JR Moreau
Day 21 – Book of Love by Emmanuelle Lambert
Day 22 – In Every Walk With Nature by Chris Byrne
Day 23 – When Love Is Your Greatest Disappointment by Alex Proaps
Day 24 – Stoked Love by Srinivas Rao
Day 25 – A Love You Love by Rev. Elsa Peters
Day 27 – Twice As Much To Love by Katy Dunnet
Day 28 – Along The Way by Jessica Esch

Contributions Elsewhere

Katye Byrne (Site – Waiting for My Rocket) – 100th Post
Linda Nguyen (Site – Curious Notions) – 31 Lessons in Love
The Single Slice (by Elisa!) – Open Letter To Cupid
Noël Rozny (Site – French Christmas) – A Month of Love – Join Us!

Feeling inspired? Wanna write your own essay on love? If you post it to your site, please email me the link and I will get it posted here. All I ask is that you make sure to reference the series on your post!

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  1. Ellen says:

    Free download? I love Alison’s song! Thank you for making it available to you’re readers and telling us about her music.

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  8. […] to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!I was flattered to be a part of Ophelia’s Webb’s Pas de Deux Series and my post is up today, if you’re interested in another word vomit about love and whatnot. […]

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