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Failing to fetch me at first, keep encouraged.   Missing me one place, search another. I stop somewhere waiting for you. ~ Walt Whitman

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I love meeting new people.


Sometimes I’m a little tough to pin down.  But if you reach out I’ll stop.  Why?  Umm…I love meeting new people!

You can email me (email is the best way to track me down!)

You can follow me on Twitter

You can hang out with me on Facebook

You can check out my QUICK Musings and Ramblings on Tumblr

You can read what I’m reading on Delicious bookmarks

It is also important to note, please do not dish out what you cannot take.

If you send me snarky and/or sarcastic missives, expect the same in kind. If you want to have lengthy philosophical debate via Twitter, we will probably both end up horribly misunderstood. If you choose to launch into an email discussion of 2000+ words, I will respond with the same tenacity.

If you would like to build a real relationship off the posts that involves good and bad and challenge and sparkly Unicorns under double rainbows, I AM SUPER EXCITED!!!

If you are downright and insulting mean…then please do not be offended or act surprised when I do not reply.

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