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I write for magazines, newspapers, blogs, websites, businesses, carrier pigeon messages, etc.

This site should give you a pretty good feel for my conversational yet provocative writing style.  You can also check out my portfolio which links to many places my work has been featured, both online and in print or my news page, which links to what others are saying about my writing.

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I love meeting with owners/marketers and analyzing their whole marketing and public relations approach to figure out how social media and networking will fit in.  It is not a silver bullet and it isn’t any “better” than traditional marketing.  It’s just another piece that fits in with the overall plan.

Additionally, I enjoy working with the under-served small business owners who have amazing products and services, but need to figure out how to get in front of customers, without throwing a ton of money at paid advertising.  Strategizing with them on community resources, creative marketing and most importantly social betterment/non-profit avenues not only helps the small business owner who deserves to be heard but the local community as well.

Feel free to check out some of the testimonials about my work or contact me to discuss what we might be able to build together for your small business.

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